InterPlanetary Consensus

InterPlanetary Consensus (IPC) is a revolutionary blockchain technology that powers planetary-scale web3 apps.

From the builders behind:
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Web3 at Planetary Scale

With IPC, decentralized apps can reach planetary-scale through recursively scalable subnets, sub-second transactions, robust compute workloads, and highly adaptable WebAssembly runtimes tailored to dev requirements. It enables the creation of flexible, living networks of customizable sidechains or "subnets", which can achieve massive scaling by running parallel chains that interoperate with one another.

The journey begins with supercharging devs’ capabilities on the Filecoin network.

Ecosystem Interoperability

IPC comes from the builders at Protocol Labs, including the founding members of key projects like Filecoin and IPFS, which power much of the global web3 ecosystem. IPC is compatible with Filecoin and EVM-compatible chains (with more to come).

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The IPC team wants to build with leading web2 and web3 builders who are seeking a truly scalable blockchain framework that goes beyond the current industry L2 approach.
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